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Peaceful Use of Lasers

PULS is an initiative to shape progress and technology by good intentions.

Peaceful Use of Lasers in Space (PULS) is an initiative to help laser technology to advance humanity’s flourishing. Ensuring orbital safety of satellites, upon which our daily activities as well as progress of the 17 SDGs depends, can be dramatically improved by laser surveillance and debris removal. Remote laser-induced analysis of space resources can unlock cislunar economy and human sustainable expansion into space. Lasers can help us reach relativistic speeds with the cleanest space engine, light, as well as protect the Earth from dangerous asteroids. All these visions require transparent, benign and inclusive governance – PULS.

The initiative and the related declaration were preceded:

  • by the conference Prague Laser SpaceApps Workshop 2019 (report) on the 25th – 27th Sep. 2019,
  • by the policy paper Kick-Starting Cosmopolitan Governance through Science: The Case of a Giant Laser System (link), published by the Institute of International Relations in Prague on the 21th December 2019,
  • by the academic paper Reaching for the stars: The case for cooperative governance of directed energy technologies (link), published in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists on the 23rd April 2020.

The Declaration is envisaged to be followed by:

  • a second conference in Mikulov, Czechia that will propose policy and institutional building blocks on the subject peaceful use of lasers in space,
  • an establishment of an international scientific association for laser applications in space.